39 Years of Experience

Rosalyn Pierce consults on loss of earning capacity, vocational opportunity, and job demands. She also provides reports concerning physical, psychological, and cognitive limitations; rehabilitation programs; transferable skill analysis; vocational assessment, work place accommodation, among other topics.


Earning capacity assessments

The vocational evaluation is used to clarify and verify biographical data as well as collect additional information. It consists of the administration of a battery of vocational tests and a diagnostic interview to assess an individual's work life and earning potential. If the examinee is capable of gainful employment, specific occupations with corresponding salaries are identified.

deposition and trial experience

The vocational expert is in the best position to testify regarding damages (or lack thereof) in personal injury cases by providing testimony in depositions, video depositions, arbitration hearings, or jury trials. Opinions expressed within the Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation and/or supplemental reports are offered and clarified. Questions from both defense and plaintiff attorneys are addressed.

Job Analysis (Americans with Disabilities Act and Regular)

Accurate and complete information about the functional job requirements of a particular position and the nature of the work environment with detailed information such as: