Expert witnesses in vocational rehabilitation can consult, prepare legal documents and testify in cases regarding vocational injury and rehabilitation, including matters such as earnings assessment and capacity, labor market job demand, pre/post injury vocational learning capacity, transferability of skills, career counseling and workplace accommodation, spousal support, and personal injury.

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Related Services

Vocational Evaluation:

To conduct a work-related evaluation, vocational expertise evaluates education, training, skills, demonstrated abilities, work history, and age. Critique of additional factors occurs, specific to the client: physical, mental, emotional, learning, cognitive, and cultural. Specific to employment-related matters, the evaluation of job search capabilities, transferable skills, trainability, wage & benefit potential, and participation in return to work efforts (motivation) is assessed. Adjustment to disability or loss issues is evaluated, and access/barriers to employment are identified. Work performed in worker compensation cases, long-term disability, marriage dissolution, or career counseling.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

Services are provided to an individual who requires services due to an accident, injury, or disabling condition. An assessment is conducted to determine limitations and capabilities regarding work. Barriers or limitations as a result of the disabling condition are addressed and recommendations are made. A Plan is developed to return the individual back to the work force in keeping with medical, psychiatric, psychological or environmental factors. This may include ergonomic accommodations, on-the-job training, academic training, acquisition of certification/degree, or other specific work-reentry needs. Monitoring of the completion of the retraining plan occurs with specific request (primarily worker compensation). Time & cost factors are delineated.

Job Analysis Expert:

Job Analysis is the detailed assessment of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully perform a particular job. Particular to worker compensation and personal injury, this document analyzes specific work factors: physical, mental/emotional, environmental. Work performed for worker compensation or litigation matters.

Work Retraining:

Services are performed to the client-specific needs. Comprehensive vocational counseling and planning is performed to assist the client in a selection of a new job goal. Research is conducted to ensure reasonable success with any barriers, including remedial services, identified. Work performed in worker compensation, long-term disability, marriage dissolution, and individual career counseling.

Disability Evaluation:

Expertise is needed when an injury or accident occurs to interrupt an individual's ability to engage in work. This evaluation analyzes the prior work & earning pattern. It may analyze psychological aspects of job loss, chronic pain, adaptation to loss issues and mitigation factors. The impact of the injury/accident condition(s) is assessed in relation to the economic impact of impaired earning capacity, retraining, or retirement. Work performed for litigation matters.

Vocational Testing:

Testing is referred to specific practitioners to evaluate aptitude, abilities, interest, temperament, academic, intelligence, specific skill set or work samples, psychological or neuropsychological factors. The Physical Capacity Evaluation determines work strength and endurance factors; it can include a driving capacity evaluation. Other need-specific tests can be conducted and include work skills, work productivity, work behavior or job readiness. Work is performed for worker compensation or litigation matters.